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Who We Are

Hello! My name is Ta'Misha Belk, and I'm the Owner & Founder of Beautiful Journey Cream of Butter. I started my natural vegan butter journey in 2009. Since then, I have developed a love of natural-based butter and oils that benefits the body, hair, and skin. This led me to start making handcrafted whipped all-natural vegan body butter.

My family and friends were of major support at the beginning of my crafting process. Giving me an honest review gave me the confidence to offer my product to co-workers and other established clientele.  

My mission is to give all of my customers healthy and soft skin with our enriching jars of creamy butter! 

So I encourage you to give your body the ultimate experience with my Beautiful Journey Butter Collection. Whether it be addressing dry or sensitive skin or aches and pains, we find ways to give you the boost of energy you need to tackle any day. 

Your skin matters to me.

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